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Quality pest control, preferably Hanling
         Hubei Hanling Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in providing pest management (PMP) services, and is A level A pest control service organization certified by the Pest Control Association。一直With professional technology and thoughtful attitude, we are committed to becoming a leading professional pest management solution provider in the industry。
         Hanlink is leading the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) strategy,Through multi-dimensional quality service innovation,Help customers establish pest management systems that effectively control pests and comply with relevant food safety audits (STAR, AIB, BRC, IFS, ISO, GMP, HACCP, etc.)。With the professional knowledge and experience accumulated by serving many well-known brands such as Yum, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Daliyuan, Nestle and so on, as well as the advanced operation management system, we have provided excellent pest management services for many customers, including many Fortune 500 enterprises。Customer groups mainly include hotel and catering industry, food processing industry, manufacturing industry, shopping malls, supermarkets, medical and educational institutions, logistics and warehousing, agriculture and forestry parks, family housing, urban health and many other industry customers。

Practitioners of green pest management
         Hanlink has cooperated with domestic and foreign preferred medical equipment suppliers (Germany Bayer, Germany BASF, Switzerland Syngenta, Japan Wasan, USA DYNA, Germany Golden Gun, USA Huson, etc.),And perfect human resources management and training system,And Hanlink's continuous innovation and persistent pursuit of quality service management,It guarantees the high standard service quality control system of Hanlink。Through the continuous exploration of green pest management, we can share the industry experience accumulated over the years with our customers, greatly reducing the risks caused by pests and chemical pollution in traditional pest control work, and effectively protecting environmental health and product safety。



It is committed to the cause of pest control, helping to improve the living environment and improve the quality of life。Deep service enterprises, residents, public welfare undertakings, so that people away from rodent pests!


HANLINK adheres to "prevention first,Killing is helpful;Safe and efficient,Green environmental protection "business philosophy,The international advanced pest management (PMP) concept is constantly applied to the daily management of the company,Create HANLINK quality pest control service brand,Give you and your business peace of mind and rest assured。

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