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Flea control
  You have cats, you have dogs, and perhaps you don't realize it, you also have a litter of fleas!No matter where you bring your pet home for the first time, you are also introducing at least one flea into your home, and they will not only bite your pet, but also breed in your home and then bite you!

The life cycle of the flea

Fleas usually jump on the host and do not leave easily, and immediately start sucking blood, mating and laying eggs within 24-48 hours after the first sucking blood, a female flea can lay 50 flea eggs a day!

These eggs have a smooth surface,Can slip from pet hair onto the ground, home, car, etc,It develops into a larva after 2-5 days.The larvae hide in dark places,Feed on organic matter in dust and flea droppings,7-14 days later, cocoon forming into pupa;The pupa is very resistant to the environment,There is no effective drug in the market at home and abroad that can kill flea pupae,When you feel heat, carbon dioxide, or vibrations from animals or people around you,The pupa emerges from the cocoon in seconds,Become a newly formed flea,Jump onto an animal。

In a normal environment,The eggs develop into new fleas within 21 days,Jump on the pet to drink blood and start the next round of breeding,In this way,Pets are constantly getting infected,And the number of infections will increase,Cause untold trouble...Maybe you don't know it,Your home becomes a flea pit,Fleas can exist on carpets, under doors, floors, etc.

What are the dangers of fleas?

Being infected by fleas is not as simple as "a little itchy".It can also cause atopic dermatitis, anemia, and tapeworm infections, while human bites can also spread malignant diseases such as plague。

1, atopic dermatitis: This is one of the most common skin diseases in cats and dogs, due to the allergic reaction caused by flea saliva stimulation, which will cause pet itching, cortical deterioration, hair removal and behavioral changes。

2, anemia: fleas blood after 10 minutes of weight can rapidly increase 140%, and they can continuously blood 3-4 hours, bites 400 times without rest!72 fleas can suck up 1 milliliter of blood a day, which is equivalent to about 3% of the blood of a 500 gram baby cat。

3. Spreading tapeworms: Fleas are the intermediate hosts of tapeworms。When dogs and cats comb their own hair to try to get rid of fleas, they often inadvertently eat fleas and become infected with tapeworms, which can lead to systemic weakness and death。

4, cat scratch fever: Cat scratch fever is caused by Hanselebatonia bacteria, mainly transmitted between cats by fleas, people through cat bites or scratches to get this disease。

Prevention and treatment methods:

     (A) Environmental control: mainly includes the removal of flea breeding conditions, control of host animals, modification of the natural environment, rotation of winter pastures, etc。In order to destroy the breeding conditions, to achieve the purpose of control。

     1. Keep personal clean and the house (warehouse) sunny, ventilated and dry, etc., to prevent the breeding and reproduction of human and animal fleas;

     2, combined with pest control, rodent control;Reducing or eliminating the keeping of cats and dogs is an important measure to control fleas, because they are the main host animals of common fleas.

     3. Change the natural environment and completely remove the survival and distribution conditions of wild rats and their parasitic fleas。

    (2) Physical prevention and control: 1, burning method and sticky touch method,The former is a simple and effective method adopted by the masses in our country for many years,He has obtained the results of potato,The latter borrowed the hopping habit of fleas,Take a few pieces of sticky paper and hang them indoors,It can also stick to many fleas;2. Vacuuming rooms infested with fleas has also been reported,It can reduce the number of eggs and larvae by about 60% and 27%,Remove 95% of adult worms,At the same time, it can remove the food that the larvae need to survive (the blood stool of the adult flea),Organic matter such as animal detritus) and dust for hiding;3, hot steam cleaning can not only kill most fleas and chrysalis,It also washes away the larvae 'food;4. Bathe animals and pets with detergent or shampoo,Fleas can float in water,Even if there are fleas left,Because the cleaning agent has a destructive effect on the surface wax of flea body,And they die very quickly。5, use a comb to comb the pet's hair, and then quickly put the comb into soapy water, some fleas will be eliminated。

    (3) Chemical control: Although there are some problems with chemical insecticides, they are still an important measure to control fleas, and the problem lies in rational use and management。

     1. Drug flea control on rat holes and surfaces around houses is mainly aimed at the breeding and swimming places of house rat fleas (including the ground, corners, pit beds, furniture, livestock house filling, floating soil in the corner, rat holes and rat paths, etc.), usually using 1% malathion emulsion, 2% fenoxone 16g and fenthion 30g, 0.005% deltamethrin and other spray;Apply insecticide powder to rat holes,It has a good killing effect on preventing and controlling the flea left in the rat hole,Its residual period can be up to 2-3 months,Or with the help of drum machines and long-nozzle dusters,Put the insecticide powder into the rat hole dry,The anti-flea effect can reach 98-100%;The YZ-A smoke bomb can be used to kill fleas in the warehouse,The flea elimination rate of smoking 1h was up to 99.48%;Chlorpyrethroids alone mixed with fenthion for residual spraying could reach 97.65-100% flea control rate;95% propoxur and 95% cypermethrin were prepared into 20% insecticidal mother solution according to 4:1,Then use 10 times of diesel oil dilution at 1-2ml/m3 for fumigation or 30 times of water dilution at 20-40ml/m3 for residual spraying chamber to achieve 100% flea control rate,At the same time, the application of medicine on the glass surface to control cat fleas shows that,其毒力大小依次为敌敌威>二嗪农>毒死蜱>甲萘威,在纤维织物和地毯上则有机磷杀虫剂>氨甲基酸酯类杀虫剂>拟除虫菊酯类杀虫剂>天然除虫菊酯;近年来棚酸盐在防治跳蚤中的作用引起了特别关注,Liquid spray 4 hydrated disodium acid 0 on carpet.36mg/cm2, 100% killing larvae of all instars, also spray 2.The 5% disodium octoborate 4 hydrate can effectively control fleas at all ages for more than 60 days, and the flea control effect can be achieved by sprinkling boric acid powder and boric acid particles on carpet。

     2, clothing is flea control: spray 0.1% of the didivir in clothes and bedding, and then tightly wrapped for a certain time, you can kill fleas, temporary lodging, under the mattress 1-2 cotton balls dipped in Didivos flea bite effect is also very good。

     3, for the raising of pigs, rabbits and dogs, cats, etc., the application of high efficiency and low toxicity of 1% pyrethroids, or 0.1-0.15 Trichlorfon on the animal body powder or medicinal bath flea, can also receive good results。

     4, juvenile hormone insect growth regulator (igrs bird) is a new type of insecticide, it is not only safe, efficient, and generally not easy to produce resistance, in the flea control began to be applied。Juvenile hormones such as methoprene, pyriproxyfem and fenoxycarb have blocking and killing effects on all stages of fleas。

     (d) Flea biological control (including genetic control) and legal control 

     The ant can prey on all instars of fleas except the flea cocoon, and the worm nematode (Steinernema carpocapsae) can infect and kill the larvae, pre-pupae and pupae of fleas。At present, there are commercial nematode products, and show a certain effect of flea control, the real use in flea control, may still need some distance。The state has set up special rodent control stations and quarantine institutions in many provinces and municipalities (where plague has occurred or may occur) to monitor and grasp the epidemic situation at home and abroad, so as to timely and strictly control the introduction and spread of rats and fleas。


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