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Fly control

        Do you know?Flies are extremely fertileThey are good at flying, most of them are active within 1-2 kilometers of the breeding area, and have phototaxis。Flies not only disturb people's lives, but alsoIt is a major carrier of disease transmissionThey have the habit of "eating while pulling while spitting", contaminating food and spreading disease through vomiting and excreta, leaving germs wherever it goes, especially increasing food safety risks, effective fly control will be your trouble away from flies。Therefore, fly control is very important for your business operation。



Hanlink. HanlinkCommitted to reducing the operational risk of your business, designed for you to design the overall fly control program, safe and effective to help you not be troubled by flies。


Fly signal

  • Finding flies alive or dead;

  • Finding traces of fly contamination or fly droppings;

  • The appearance of fly larvae - maggots。


The potential hazards of flies

  • Flies are active in the feeding processSpread germs, contaminate food;;

  • Fly-borne bacteriasalmonella) can cause diarrhea and food poisoning。


Commercial hazards caused by flies

  • Impact on corporate image - Flies will give customers and employees a bad impression of being dirty and poorly managed;

  • Reputational damage - threatening the health of your employees and damaging the brand and reputation of your business;

  • Loss of property - failure to comply with health regulations, loss of clients, loss of revenue。


Fly control Tips

  • Maintain environmental hygiene, regular pruning and greening;

  • Keep doors and Windows closed to avoid flies;

  • Cooperate with wiping flies to avoid attracting flies;

  • Raise staff awareness of pest, and participate in prevention and control. 

As a professional pest control company, Hanlink can help you solve the problem of fly control 

1、Hanlink. HanlinkProvide a free site survey service for you to analyze the attraction sources, breeding sites and pestsMG官方电子平台Grade, confirmMG官方电子平台类型。

我们Professional technicians will customize efficient and professional pest control solutions for you according to your requirements。 Our treatment plan also includes the control of potential breeding sites and will advise you on the basis of an integrated pest management approach。

Hanlink. HanlinkWe will provide you with timely, professional and efficient on-site elimination control services。Minimize the harm of all kinds of rat pests in the existing area, and greatly reduce the density of rat pests。

Hanlink. HanlinkEstablish an independent file for each customer, provide targeted after-sales return service, and provide more pest control knowledge according to your needs, to help you stay away from pests。      

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