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       Supermarket is a collection of daily necessities, grain and oil, fruits, vegetables, cooked food, food on-site cooking processing sales and catering integrated business sites, and the presence of pests in supermarkets and other retail places will destroy the consumer environment, resulting in customer complaints, loss of brand image and reputation, and ultimately morning economic losses。

       The building structure of supermarkets is usually complex,Rats can enter the supermarket from the cable trench, gutter, under the door, etc,At the same time, the top of the store wire trough, exhaust pipe and lighting pipe,Provide a good activity channel for rodents;Store pastry, soy products, brine products, pastry and other food processing operation room,Abundant food source,Many gaps,All of them created favorable conditions for the habitat and breeding of pests and mice。


Supermarket pest risk analysis: 

1Rats bite a large number of goods, bringing direct economic losses to the supermarket。

2The dead bodies or excrement of insects and mice pollute the goods and the surrounding environment, which poses a threat to people's health and also destroys the image of the supermarket brand in the minds of customers。

3Products contaminated by pests will directly affect the consumer desire of customers, resulting in direct economic losses, and also cause an indelible blow to the brand image。

4Rats bite wires, affecting the electricity demand of shopping malls and supermarkets, leading to the inability of shopping malls to operate, resulting in huge losses for businesses;In serious cases, even a short circuit caused by rats biting the wires caused a fire。

5The pests and mice around carry dangerous microorganisms, which can spread diseases such as plague, dysentery, and thermal insulation, causing public safety accidents。

Hanling Pest control is a pest control system for supermarkets目标

1According to the characteristics of the supermarket site environment, the pest damage is always controlled within the national standard range, and the rodent density is reduced to the national assessment standard in the short term through mutual cooperationThe results of prevention and control were maintained。

2Through investigation, treatment, monitoring and suggestions, avoid the harm of rats and pests in the control area to the supermarket。

3We provide professional pest control services to create a suitable shopping environment for stores and improve environmental quality。


超市Various pest control programs:

1. Rodent control program

Key service areas: cooked food area,Fruit and vegetable area, fresh area, food area, cash register area, computer room, warehouse, garbage room

Sub-key areas: daily necessities area, office area

Service content:

Control and defense of peripheral mice:

The environment around the peripheral buildings will be inspected, and the rodent traces (such as rat holes) found will be blocked or the rodent bait will be put in the hidden corners to deal with the risk of rodent damage。In view of the holes found from outside to inside, we propose that you plug them (we can plug small holes on behalf of you).。Rodent decoys should be put into key parts outside buildings, usually in extremely hidden parts such as green belts, rat holes, manholes and sewers. Routine inspection, cleaning and maintenance of decoys should be carried out regularly, and mouldy and feeding decoys should be replaced or replaced, and records should be made。


Bait station

Rat control inside buildings:

The key rodent control areas in the supermarket, such as cooked food area, vegetable and fruit area, fresh area, food area and other key locations for comprehensive inspection, these areas have a lot of food, easy to attract rodents, but also to ensure food safety, in the way to choose physical control。Physical sticky rat plates are placed on the shelves and at the bottom of the machine, and continuous multiple rat traps or double-door rat cages can be set up in the hidden parts of the humid operation area to catch large rat species。

Second, cockroach control program

Key service areas: cooked food area, fruit and vegetable area, fresh area, food area, department store, cashier, office, warehouse, toilet, garbage room

Service content:

Bait and kill: Target the areas that are easy to breed or may breed cockroaches in the above areas/Parts, such as: shelf gaps, operating table, distribution box, wall gaps, locker, bottom of freezer, toilet, sink, operating table, fire equipment, lockers, cash register and other parts, cockroach drug prevention and control treatment, put granules or glue bait。


Quick kill: Use residual spraying for quick kill in areas with high local cockroach density such as garbage rooms to rapidly reduce cockroach density。After the density is reduced, the maintenance is carried out by sprinkling glue bait or granule。

Maintenance: In the later routine service, we mainly use long-acting and efficient bait for real-time monitoring, with appropriate residual spraying to achieve long-term control of cockroaches, and carry out inspection, maintenance and update in each routine service。

3. Mosquito control program

Key areas of service: peripheral green environment, sewer, sewage water, entrance and exit to the room, indoor landscape flower pot, garbage room, etc。

Service content:

Breeding source control:

For some water that cannot be excluded, chemical or biological control methods should be adopted to kill the mosquito larvae。For example, for some sewage water bodies (such as waterways, sewage ditches, etc.), use mosquito larvae slow-release blocks per square meter of water surface1Block, manhole every1Block, hanging on the water to kill mosquito larvae。Check the water in the landscape flower pot tray in the public area regularly, check the external environment where water is found and do effective treatment。

Adult mosquito control:

It is recommended to set up air curtains and soft curtains at the main entrance and exit of the supermarket to effectively prevent flying insects from invading the room, and set up physical pest control facilities in important parts such as the cooked food area, fresh area, and the main passage into the supermarket, such as the sticky trap insect lamp,Catch the few flying insects that invade the room。After physical prevention and control, for areas with high local mosquito density, such as passageways, toilets and local areas of stores, spray treatment is used, the operation time is negotiated with the supermarket, so as not to affect the business, and the implementation is implemented after food capping and other protective measures。

Fourth, fly control program

Key service areas: cooked food area, seafood area, receiving area, garbage room (bucket), toilet, etc。

Service content:

1Chemical control

Residual spraying: Will have a lag effect,Contact insecticide,Such as suspension agent or water emulsion (alternate use,Prevent insect resistance),The active ingredient of insecticide is uniformly attached to the resting surface according to a certain amount by macrospray,When flies crawl or perch on such treated surfaces,Can be exposed to absorbent insecticide poisoning death。Mainly on the surface and surrounding and nearby skin grafting surface, external wall, the outer wall of the garbage bin and so on。

Space spraying: In areas with high fly density, use ultra-low volume spraying to spray insecticides in the space, so that the flies directly stick to the drug particles and die of poisoning, quickly kill the flies outside, and reduce the fly density in a short time。(The operation time is negotiated with the supermarket and carried out after taking good protection measures。)

Retention treatment: For the key parts of the door (window) and other flies like to stay, the use of contact, lasting effect, slow release of the application for retention treatment, killing the flies staying on the surface of these places。

2Physical control method:

In areas with high fly density, such as seafood areas, under the premise of not affecting the beauty, set up sticky fly rolls and sticky fly boards, and check and replace them regularly。

Hanling Pest Control Program for supermarket pest control:

Start with a holistic view of pests and environmental and socio-economic conditions,Adhere to the principle of treating both symptoms and root causes, as well as effective, simple and safe, and environmental protection,Depending on pest control,Adapt to the situation and the place,Comprehensive control measures such as environmental control, chemical control and physical control are adopted,The pest density is controlled within the standards required by national advanced health units and supermarket customers,In order to achieve the purpose of eliminating disease and reducing harassment。
          Hanlink Pest Control has many years of experience in providing pest control services to supermarkets. We combine regular, monitoring and treatment with effective management。Whether you are a supermarket or a retail store, Hanling pest Control can accompany you to ensure the safety of your items and reduce your wastage inventory

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