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       In today's increasingly competitive hotel industry, Hanling Pest Control understands the importance of top service and a safe and comfortable environment for you and people。The hotel industry faces pest risks that are unique to the hotel industry, with the fast pace, travelers coming from all directions, numerous entrances and exits, selfless supplies, and room openings all being infested with pests"Live and work happily" and breeding provides good conditions。Hotel pest control companyHanling insect controlIt is understood that the impact of pests on the hotel industry cannot be ignored. Once the infestation of pests endangers the personal and property safety of hotel guests, it will bring immeasurable negative impact and loss to the hotel brand and daily operation。

Hotel industry pest hazards


1. Due to the invasion of the business area by pests and mice, the guests are frightened or caused personal damage or items of the guests, which eventually leads to the customer's demand for compensation, which brings direct impact and losses to the hotel brand and daily operation;
2, pests and mice invade the hotel food operation area - kitchen, which brings great risks to hotel food safety;
3. Rodents damage the hotel circuit system, causing power outages, affecting daily operations, and even causing the risk of fire according to different environments。
4. Pests and mice carry dangerous microorganisms, which can spread plague, dysentery, thermal insulation and other diseases, bringing personal safety risks to hotel staff and customers;
5, rodent pests invade the room, damage hotel items and facilities, resulting in direct economic losses。


Hotel pest invasion analysis:





Pest in food processing plantControl objectives:

1, through the current stage of service, to achieve such a goal: to create a safe, comfortable and healthy working environment for your employees and customers;

2, advanced management: the use of advanced, professional technology for regular inspection/monitoring/control and recommendations to ensure that the service environment is free from pest nuisances, reduce pestsA chance to invade;

3, safety first: in the production area, to provide customers with feasible and effective structural rodent and pest prevention suggestions, so that customers can greatly reduce the risk of pest invasion in time。

At the same time, with a sustainably improved pest program, your customers and employees can work in a safe and healthy environment while passing through youParty A's factory inspection and other third-party certification testing。


Pest in food processing plantControl steps:

The first stage (pest killing stage) : comprehensive pest killing services are carried out to minimize the various hazards in the existing areas of various pests and reduce the density of pests。

The second stage (Pest control phase) : Provide regular exterminator inspections and emergency follow-up services to ensure effective management and control of pest activities。

Stage 3 (Pest management and maintenance) : Provide regular inspection/treatment and emergency follow-up services;A comprehensive pest risk assessment is provided by the Technical Specialist every six months。


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