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Property office building

       Most of the property office buildings are located in the commercial district, and some business buildings are connected with catering malls. The surrounding environment is easy to attract harmful creatures such as rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes and flies。根据According to the analysis of years of experience of Hanling Pest Control, in current buildings, there are many holes and loopholes in the wall between the internal units of the office building and the upper and lower floors, such as wires, network cables, central air conditioning ventilation pipes, and sewers, which provide convenient conditions for the activities and hiding of rats。In addition, under the role of air conditioning, the temperature of the environment in the office area is maintained between 15-30 degrees Celsius, such an environment not only creates a comfortable temperature, but also givesIt creates an excellent environment that is very suitable for survival, breeding and habitat, which will lead to the serious cockroaches in many office buildings at present, especially the German cockroach has become one of the most serious pests in the office。To this end, the current office rodent and office cockroach killing is the most urgent needs of many property companies。


Property office rodent and insect hazards:  

1, rats bite the wire, affecting the electricity demand of rental units in the office building, and eventually lead to the customer unit forced to stop working, there is the risk of causing incalculable losses to the rental unit, but also the risk of causing fire caused by short circuit of the wire;

2, rats and pests damage the fixed office facilities in the office building, causing direct economic losses to the enterprise itself and tenants;

3, cockroaches are also known as computer pests, can bite the line inside the computer to cause computer failure;

4. Due to various losses caused by rodent pests, the service satisfaction of the property itself decreases, which may cause customers to delay the occurrence of property service fees;

5, insect pests or excrement can cause microbial pollution, to the property company or their own health and pollution problems, there are health and safety risks;

6. Insect pests cause damage to the image and brand of enterprises。


The rat in the office


Hanling pest control concept:

The Integrated pest Control concept is a collaborative decision-making and action process to adopt the most appropriate pest control methods and strategies in an environmentally and economically sound manner to achieve your organization's overall pest management objectives。Integrated pest control is to manage the population and quantity of pests in a comprehensive way, integrating various strategies to reduce the population and quantity of pests to an acceptable level, while improving the quality of the environment。

Hanling pest control objectives:

1.Through the current stage of service, to achieve such a goal: "for your owners, employees, customers to create a safe, comfortable and healthy living and working environment!"

2.Advanced management: Regular inspection with advanced, professional technology/监察/Control and advice to ensure that the service environment is free from pest nuisance and reduce the chances of pest invasion.

3.Safety first: sensitive areas, to provide customers with feasible and effective structural rodent prevention suggestions, so that customers can greatly reduce the risk of pest invasion in time;At the same time, with a sustainably improved pest program, your employees can live and work in a safe and healthy environment。

Wuhan pest control companyHanling Pest control for all kinds of pest control programs in property office buildings:

(1) Control of rodents

According to the specific situation of your unit, our rodent control plan will start from the following aspects:

Physical control: Control rats by placing sticky rat boards in the channels where rats often move (mainly cable trough, power distribution room, sewer pipe, fire door gap, etc.), each inspection, make records, handle sticky rat corpses at any time, and replace expired rat boards in time。

Lay out the sticky mouse board


Chemical control: Placing rat bait in the artificial rat station set up outside the building to control the outer rats so that they do not enter the building。In the first phase of service and regular service, the elimination service personnel will patrol the fence, if there are signs of rat activity, rat holes, etc., will take targeted medication, sealing and other methods。



Building structure rodent protection:

1) Within the first month from the start of rodent control, our company's professional and technical personnel will conduct a comprehensive investigation of the loopholes in the anti-rodent structure to your unit and write a recommendation report on anti-rodent。

2) Use some caulking materials (such as polyurethane caulking agent, cement, steel wire ball, etc.) to seal and isolate the passageways and gaps of rats entering the room to prevent rats from entering, so as to achieve the most effective rodent control effect. The above work shall be completed by Party A and we will assist。

Steel wire ball


Control of cleanliness:

Through our recommendations, clean up the sanitary dead spots, effectively prevent rats from hiding, and create an environment that is difficult for rats to breed。



(2) Cockroach control

The food of cockroaches includes all kinds of human food, and the internal cockroaches mainly appear in the kitchen, bathroom, and the workshop on the floor;These are the areas that we are focusing on。


Kitchen cockroach

Chemical treatment:

Considering your current situation of stable cockroach density, our company will treat with safer cockroach gel bait and cockroach granule to maintain cockroach density。

Gel bait to kill cockroach

Regular inspection to consolidate the control effect: In combination with your feedback, it is sometimes difficult to exterminate local cockroaches at one time, because live oocytes may be missed, the hiding place of a cockroach may be omitted, the cockroach is not sensitive to medicine and is not killed。Therefore, it is necessary to check repeatedly, find the situation to analyze and find out the reasons for targeted disposal, in order to consolidate the control effect for a long time, which Wuhan cockroach killing company Hanling pest control plan every month in each operation are paid attention to。



Environmental governance:

1, cockroaches mainly hide and breed in the gaps in the walls, timely repair the damaged building structure and facilities, plug the gaps, and minimize its habitat。

2, for cleanliness, building structure gaps and other issues, our company will put forward professional suggestions in the service report。

3. In the routine service, we mainly focus on inspection and prevention, and apply some cockroach bait preventatively in the area where no trace of cockroaches has been found for the time being;If any adult cockroach is found, we will take measures to kill it in time。We will inspect the environment with poor sanitary conditions where cockroaches are easy to breed and make professional recommendations。

4, for the kitchen and other parts with high risk of cockroaches, targeted and small range of residual spraying, quickly kill cockroaches, and submit to the property management professional effective cleaning and improvement suggestions in writing。Follow-up inspection of the breeding site in time until it is completely removed。

(3) Control of flying insects

The movement of flying insects is uncertain, the range is relatively large, and it is not easy to catch。Based on the above particularities, flying insect control requires more cooperation to minimize the harm of flying insects。

A. Principle of prevention and control

1) Regular monitoring;

2) Eliminate the root causes and clean up the water sources that are easy for mosquitoes to breed;

3) Appropriate chemical methods for killing。



B, chemical treatment

1) Daily use of ultra-low capacity spraying in some areas (such as garbage rooms) to kill mosquitoes。

2) The use of residual spraying in some areas (such as the computer room, water collection Wells, basement connecting indoor passageways) to control newly bred or invaded flying insects and reptiles;

3) Clean up the water source where flying insects breed. If it cannot be cleaned up, put mosquito larvae in the water source to control mosquito breeding。

4) In the area by the water body, release larvae sustained-release agent (biological agent)。

C. Environmental governance

Clean up stagnant water, sewage sources, sanitation, etc。

Wuhan pest control company Hanling pest Control has many years of experience in providing pest control services for commercial buildings,Can help enterprises establish a set of strict compliance specifications,And effective pest control management system,Actively help you eliminate pest risks and protect your assets,Create a safe and efficient office environment for you,Increase employee productivity。

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