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Food processing

           Food processing industry,Including solid processing plants (such as pastry plants, candy plants, curing plants, etc.) and liquid processing plants (such as wine, beverage plants, etc.),They all have high hygiene requirements,Edible items come from a variety of ingredients,Both the finished product and the waste from the production have a strong fragrance,Production sites have better temperature and humidity,It provides good conditions for the invasion, breeding and reproduction of harmful organisms,At the same time, the food industry involves warehousing, food, machinery, environment and transportation,It brings great difficulties to pest control。
           In recent years, the problem of food safety has been widely concerned, and food safety incidents have occurred frequently.“Big-head doll”,“Poisoned rice”,“Tainted milk powder”, “Sprite mercuriate”“clenbuterol”The frequent occurrence of such incidents has put consumers into extreme anxiety, and the food safety and health situation is becoming more and more severe。

Pest hazards in food processing plants:


1. Direct damage or contamination of product raw materials by pests leads to product quality problems (uncontrollable complaints), violation of food hygiene regulations, and a fatal blow to the enterprise brand。
2. Directly or indirectly, BRC, AIB, YUM and other audit standards fail to pass, affecting enterprise trade and hindering the development of enterprises。
3, rodents damage the house structure and daily office supplies, resulting in direct losses。
4, rodents damage the strong and weak electrical system, can cause data loss and even power outage risk, if flammable and explosive environment, and even cause fire and explosion in serious cases, resulting in major safety accidents and economic losses。
5, the pests around carry dangerous microorganisms, can spread plague, dysentery, thermal insulation and other diseases。


Hanling can help food processing enterprises to solve the problem: 





Pest in food processing plantControl objectives:

1, through the current stage of service, to achieve such a goal: to create a safe, comfortable and healthy working environment for your employees and customers;

2, advanced management: the use of advanced, professional technology for regular inspection/monitoring/control and recommendations to ensure that the service environment is free from pest nuisances, reduce pestsA chance to invade;

3, safety first: in the production area, to provide customers with feasible and effective structural rodent and pest prevention suggestions, so that customers can greatly reduce the risk of pest invasion in time。

At the same time, with a sustainably improved pest program, your customers and employees can work in a safe and healthy environment while passing through youParty A's factory inspection and other third-party certification testing。


Pest in food processing plantControl steps:

The first stage (pest killing stage) : comprehensive pest killing services are carried out to minimize the various hazards in the existing areas of various pests and reduce the density of pests。

The second stage (Pest control phase) : Provide regular exterminator inspections and emergency follow-up services to ensure effective management and control of pest activities。

Stage 3 (Pest management and maintenance) : Provide regular inspection/treatment and emergency follow-up services;A comprehensive pest risk assessment is provided by the Technical Specialist every six months。

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