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Disinfection protocol

What's the point of disinfection?
Disinfection is the use of physical or chemical methods to eliminate pathogens on the vector in order to cut off transmission routes and prevent and control the occurrence of infection。
Types of disinfection
Preventive disinfection refers to the disinfection of items and places that may be contaminated by pathogenic microorganisms when no obvious source of infection is present。
Foci disinfection refers to the disinfection of places where infectious diseases exist or have existed, with the aim of killing or removing pathogens expelled from infectious sources。
Disinfection of foci can be divided into terminal disinfection and on-the-spot disinfection according to the time of disinfection。

Which situations need to be disinfected
Disinfection is mainly used when there is an infection source or no clear infection source but potential contamination risk. Disinfection is not required when there is no infection source or no contamination risk。There is no doubt that there are clearly confirmed cases that need to be disinfected, but what are the potentially risky situations that also need to be disinfected?In a word, it is an indoor place with frequent personnel flow, which is representative of: market markets, public affairs business halls, shopping malls and supermarkets, station terminals waiting halls, public toilets, office buildings, fitness centers, training centers, etc。These sites are likely to cause potential contamination due to human movement and frequent contact, and preventive disinfection is meaningful。

Office disinfection requirements:
(1) Disinfection should be carried out by qualified disinfection personnel who have been trained in professional disinfection knowledge。Each disinfection should be recorded in detail。
(2) Employees shall be managed in accordance with the "Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases" and relevant provisions。
(3) Regular hygiene requirements: indoor and outdoor environment clean,No waste on the ground;No smoking in room,Strengthen ventilation,Keep the air fresh;Keep the wall and floor clean;Public tea sets and articles should be disinfected one by one;Disposable products and waste should be centrally disposed and destroyed;Timely sampling and testing after disinfection must meet the national health standards。After disinfection,Total number of surface bacteria ≤5cfu/cm2,The total number of bacteria on the surface of linen ≤200 cfu/25cm2,Total number of bacteria on the surface of sanitary ware ≤300cfu/25cm2,Total number of mold on footwear surface ≤50cfu/50cm2,The total number of bacteria on the surface of other products in contact with the skin is ≤300cfu/25cm2,Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli must not be detected。

School disinfection requirements:
(1) The principal responsibility system shall be established in schools at all levels。To organize, implement and supervise the implementation of school disinfection work。
(2) Strengthen health education。Propaganda can be carried out in various forms such as wall posters, school broadcasts, and health classes, so that students can master the relevant disinfection knowledge, pay attention to frequent hand washing, do a good job in personal hygiene, and develop good health behaviors。
(3) Do a good job of indoor and outdoor environmental health of the school。Enhance ventilation in classrooms, offices and indoor activity areas;Wet clean surfaces that are easily touched or contaminated daily and disinfect them if necessary (if contamination by pathogenic microorganisms is suspected)。
(4) Do a good job of safety and hygiene in the canteen, wear masks and work clothes at work, and do a good job of personal hygiene。Cooking utensils, tableware and pantry should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each use。
Community disinfection requirements:
(1) Residential areas, especially activity centers, vegetable markets and other densely populated places to maintain indoor air circulation。The use of natural ventilation to often open the window ventilation;For mechanical ventilation, it is necessary to ensure that exhaust facilities such as exhaust fans operate normally and ventilate regularly every day;The use of centralized air conditioning ventilation system should strictly implement the "sanitary standards for centralized air conditioning ventilation system", increase the fresh air volume, and regularly clean the air conditioning filter。Keep the environment clean and clean up the garbage in time。Cleaning and disinfection of public goods and public contact items or parts should be strengthened。
(2) For public places with dense crowds, large mobility and poor ventilation, in addition to the above requirements, use disinfectant every day to disinfect the surface of objects (ground, public seats, fitness equipment and other objects commonly touched by the human body)。
(3) Strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of the elevator, open the air conditioning as much as possible, and keep the elevator well-ventilated;Closed elevators should open the ventilation fan and air conditioning fresh air device to increase air circulation。Keep station and elevator clean and tidy, clean up and remove garbage in time。Increase the frequency of elevator cleaning and disinfection。
(4) Public goods and appliances in public places should be replaced by a guest, and permanent customers should be replaced at least once a week。After the use of non-disposable products, customers should strictly follow the requirements of public health norms to do a good job of cleaning, disinfection and cleaning。Reuse of disposable public goods is prohibited。

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